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Tide Pools  detail
Water w Lines front
Blue Velvet Water Tiles
Symmetry Meditation - Northwest Creek NC
Sky Water III in situ
Sky Water 3
Sky Water III In Situ Waiting Room
Sky Water I
Reduce Me To Silence
Reduce Me to Silence detail

Sarah Heitmeyer is an artist meditating on the tranquility of moving water and clouds through dimensional wall art.

She specializes in ceramics and computer aided design.


Sarah’s artwork is grounded in the idea that a beautiful experience has therapeutic value. In her studio practice, her mental health and spirit are comforted by working with clay and researching how we perceive sublime moments and why they are so soothing.


She aims to bring these experiences of art and nature to public spaces, such as hospitals and airports, that accommodate large numbers of people going through immense change, while either in transit or caring for a sick loved one. Sarah believes these institutions can transform the experience they offer by putting their captive audience at ease with the support of restorative beauty.


Sarah has been working in ceramics for almost 15 years and computer aided design for 8 years. She received national recognition through an emerging artist award from the National Council on Education of the Ceramic Arts in 2019.


She received her MFA at the State University of New York at New Paltz and BFA from Alfred University. She  completed a post baccalaureate program at Colorado State University, and has participated in numerous residencies and internships across the US.

She has worked for ceramic studios such as KleinReid, Kala Stein Design, ModCraft Tile, as well as a digital design and fabrication lab at the Hudson Valley Additive Manufacturing Center.


She exhibits her work nationally and creates in her studio in Fishkill, NY.




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