Upcoming Exhibition at NRG Corporate Headquarters in Princeton, NJ

Water Perspective

Sarah will have a selection of work on display with other artists at the corporate headquarters of NRG, in a beautiful 130,000 sq ft LEED Platinum building, September 15, 2020 - March 15, 2021.

About the work on display:

"In creating Water Perspective (piece to be displayed), Sarah was searching for a way to suggest receding space and played with a scale shift of the rippling water. She used a favorite glaze that pools and thins and she applied the glaze by spraying, for a directional effect. This leaves the warm, bare white clay to suggest highlights from the sun.

Regarding process, Heitmeyer begins with a vague landscape in mind that's connected to an emotion or the feeling of being in a certain place. She uses computer aided design to process photographs of water that are sculpted and integrated into a pattern. Sarah brings these forms into the studio using computer aided manufacturing processes such as 3D printing or CNC milling. She either presses clay directly onto that form or uses it to make a plaster mold for slip casting, pouring liquid clay into the mold. The work is finished by choosing a glaze that provides the perfect color and movement across the form to convey the emotion she hopes to capture.

Sarah’s works creates quiet spaces to process and consolidate thoughts, step out of our habitual norm to reflect and find hope. For most people, that moment is but a sliver of the day with a backdrop of functionality. Her aim is to bring restorative experiences to public spaces that accommodate large numbers of people going through immense change.

Additional works (such as Blue Velvet, Expanse and Reduce Me To Silence pictured above) will include a range of glaze colors, shapes, and connections to nature."

Learn more from the curator about the exhibition here.

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