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Handmade tile has been used for centuries to adorn the spaces we inhabit, to offer a sense of beauty, intricacy, and celebrate histories. Through the medium of decorative tile, I seek to honor traditions of handmade ceramics and infiltrate contemporary design by pairing digital and craft based production techniques.


Whispering the infinite, pattern is used as a vehicle for movement through space and reveals our minds’ tendency to seek order and repetition. Extracted elements of soft fascination, such as glowing sunsets, rippling water, and sublime architecture are materials to reinterpret. Computer Aided Design software helps me juxtapose the logic of naturally occurring phenomena, such as rippling water, with the expected logic of geometry. Computer Aided Manufacturing allows me to 3D print these unique patterns and make molds for press molding and slip casting tile, from which I assemble large scale compositions that subvert our understanding of space.

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