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Collections & Commissions

Artwork by Type

I create several types of work. Some pieces are pattern based, with smaller units and repetition. Some are more like landscapes and designed to draw your eye into the composition towards a horizon line. Some pieces are a combination of both!


Below are examples of each, although there is often overlap. Each image will take you to the full portfolio of each piece with dimensions and materials.

Pricing is available upon request.


Compositions can be customized through a commission.



Contact me for more information.


Cell: 845-642-6495

Instagram: @sarah_heitmeyer

Waterscapes and Cloudscapes

A Combination of Pattern and Landscape

Pattern Based


Sarah can work directly with you to create a unique piece for a specific space. Examples on this page illustrate different compositions, colors and form combinations, which can be customized for project. Production time ranges between 8-12 weeks after design and sample approval. Pieces are priced by size and complexity of the form and glaze application. New glaze colors and forms and rush orders may be available at additional cost.


Below are examples of the same form with different surface treatments. As you can see, the color and texture can dramatically change the piece.

Contact Sarah for more information.


Cell: 845-642-6495

Instagram: @sarah_heitmeyer

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