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In Good Company: Tableware for the 21st Century

I'm excited to be included in this show on tableware, that is a part of Art Industry Media 2019, a weekend of programming in Peekskill, NY, to promote local businesses, arts, and manufacturing. Here's more about the show and AIM below:

Curator’s Statement: The rituals of dining and the discipline of design have a shared history. Each in its own way has informed the other, changing with trends, taste and time. In our fast paced, disposable world, the art of the beautiful table is part of a quiet revolution led by ceramic artists who are uniquely positioned to bring us back from the brink of mindless consumption to thoughtful interaction with the handmade. Armed with the conviction that handmade objects elevate the experience of the meal and enhance the beauty of food, the artists in this show bring a fresh perspective to tableware. In creating work for home and restaurant use, they embrace slowness and encourage deliberate acts of sight and touch. To engage with these pots is to accept the challenge of noticing, savoring the flavors and the season and the indelible mark of the maker.

"Art Industry Media (AIM) is a newly-formed division of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce. AIM’s mission is to promote Peekskill and the surrounding Chamber territory as a media hub for the lower Hudson Valley. Proximity to NYC, ease of transportation, educated creative work force, and competitive commercial and residential real estate contribute to make this a uniquely favorable media business environment.

AIM ’19 is an exciting weekend of events and programs designed to celebrate the region’s emergence as a center for multimedia in the Hudson Valley. Participating organizations include Westchester Community College, Moca Hudson Valley, Peekskill Arts Alliance, Peekskill Film Festival, Peekskill Clay Studio, Peekskill High School, Arts 10566, Antonia Arts, Bantam Tools."

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