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NCECA Emerging Artist Award

This week I am one of six artists receiving the Emerging Artist Award at NCECA, the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts!

Jurors Statement:

"Practitioners at NCECA, held together as a field in both discerning and geeky ways, disobey prudent rules that attempt to govern relevance. Better to apply generative experience and disruptive discoveries to the condition of the world - and tell of it. The cohort of artists selected for recognition here, deliver disconfirmations. They tell us the earliest behaviors of shaping material into vessel or figure are forcefully rebellious, moving (moral) imagination. The body bears culture, weight unsettles, we shift, stories haunt - what are called traditional genres could not be more subversive, more agile. Sculptural formats that were, not long ago, considered radical - are the new familiar. Now, their formulaic conventions are material for intervention. Without this, they fall flat - but otherwise, they can be a powerful tool - and what a glorious platform for the stunningly skilled object maker to build gardens of things. Most exhilarating is the degree to which digital tools for design and fabrication are acutely integrated into method (without shouting "we are here") and, critical interrogation of digital culture proper is risky and "confessive", proving disturbingly prophetic in this era of bamboozlement."

Linda Sikora

Eddie Dominguez

Julia Galloway

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