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Emerging Artist Award by the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts

"Sarah Heitmeyer creates decorative ceramic tile and tableware to emulate a calming experience. Merging ornament and architecture with common natural occurrences such as rippling water is not only an exercise in ornamental design, but understanding an immersive experience.

Evidence based design shows that exposure to awe-inspiring scenes from nature can provide restorative benefits. A soft fascination with fluttering leaves and shadows, moving clouds, and flocks of birds are several instances when our minds can calmly wander through a sense of rhythm and logic, however intangible.

Computer aided design and manufacturing help Sarah recreate these natural phenomena in a photo-realistic way and bring them to ceramic processes. Molds integrate these forms with pattern to cover an expansive space and glazes capture reflections and pool in valleys. All of these tools can be used to bring a beautiful installation to public spaces such as hospitals and airports, where the mundane or stressful environments can use these moments of calm the most."

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