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Watch Sarah's Emerging Artist Talk

In 2019, Sarah Heitmeyer received an Emerging Artist Award from NCECA, the National Council on Education of the Ceramic Arts. She presented a presentation of her work during the conference, held in Minneapolis, MN.

“Being a NCECA Emerging Artist was an incredible honor. Showing and presenting at the conference was empowering as it required me to embody the confidence and vision I habitually funnel into my work, rather than myself. My preparations required sharpening my public speaking skills so I know I can turn to them as readily as other tools in my tool box. It taught me that the artist is as much a part of the vision as the work. The variety of work and life experiences by the other Emerging Artists reminded me that the raw edges or vulnerable traits in our work is what gives our artistic vision power and deserves no less than to be shown with pride.”

Sarah is a ceramic artist specializing in decorative wall tile. Her current work is based in emulating a calming, beautiful moment for viewers. Sarah received her MFA at the State University of New York at New Paltz and BFA from Alfred University. She has worked for KleinReid, Kala Stein Design, ModCraft Tile and the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center. Sarah works at the Fall Kill Clay Works in Poughkeepsie and in her studio in Fishkill, NY.

‘Merging pattern with natural occurrences such as rippling water is not only a question of ornamental design, but of understanding an immersive experience. She pairs digital and craft based techniques to infiltrate contemporary design and honor traditions of handmade ceramics’

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