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Art of Water IV Show at James May Gallery

Grey image of water with a hazy horizon, with text "James May Gallery, Art of Water VI, Opens on Artsy May 6"

My piece, Reduce Me to Silence, has been accepted into the Art of Water exhibition through James May Gallery.


Our yearly exhibition celebrating our most vital resource

Water is the most crucial resource for life. An online exclusive international water-themed exhibition. Water is the most crucial resource for life. The work could be about serious topics such as water conservation and protection, but it could also be about the simple beauty of water. There is something about water that attracts and fascinates us. It is our hope that by celebrating the beauty and necessity of water in all our lives that we can better protect it."

Exhibition dates: May 6 - July 31, 2022

Photograph of art piece, Reduce Me to Silence. It shows a mandala-like design of tiles shaped like a rose window. Rippling water shifts in scale on the surface of the tiles, from largest around the perimeter to smallest in the center. A gradient of grey follows the scale shift.

Reduce Me to Silence was created for my MFA Thesis Exhibition in 2016. The piece measures 60 inches in diameter, with each tile hanging individually on custom hardware. The piece references a pattern from the rose window in the Notre Dome cathedral, with a gradient rippling water surface. The piece casts beautiful reflections on the wall and shows a scale shift from larger ripples along the perimeter to smaller in the center. The tiles are slip cast in porcelain, from custom molds with custom glazes.


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