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Solo Show at Schacht Gallery - Saratoga Clay Arts Center

Exhibition open October 7 - November 11, 2023 with an opening reception on October 7, at the Schacht Gallery at Saratoga Clay Arts Center.

The work is available to view and purchase through Saratoga Clay Art Center's online shop.

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm & by appointment.

Resonance: falling into sync with a rhythm, matching the frequency of something outside of yourself. It's the moment when you find the beat in a song or grasp which direction the clouds are moving or tune into your heartbeat. There are patterns all around us. Referred to as soft fascinations, these visual movements give our eyes something to focus on so our mind can wander and rest. This work intends to capture this restorative experience by distilling the patterns of movement into channels for thought. Release your eye to drift and find resonance with the tides.

This body of work begins by interpreting photographs of water using computer aided design. The result is then digitally sculpted into a tile, with a prototype being 3D printed or a press mold being CNC milled. Tiles are cast by either slip casting into plaster molds cast around the 3D printed prototypes or press molding clay onto the milled molds. Custom glazes are applied to complement the objective of the piece, considering how the materials will move across the form, pooling into valleys and breaking on sharper edges.


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