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Surrounding Delight - Show at Women's Studio Workshop

Opening February 13th, Tuesday at 5pm, the show Surrounding Delight includes work by Lyla Arenfeld and myself at the Women's Studio Workshop (WSW) in Rosendale, NY. Head over to their website for more info HERE.

"Surrounding Delight presents two artists' exploration of clay's potential to build contemplative compositions. Transforming space through ornate patterns and textures, Surrounding Delight addresses the bridges between history and craft, traditional and contemporary clay practices, and installation and object." -- After the reception, stay for presentations by current artists-in-residence as they describe their work and what projects they have brought to the WSW studios. The first presentation begins at 6:30 pm. Presenting artists are: Kristen DeGree, Art-in-Ed Workspace resident Kyung Eun You, Art-in-Ed Workspace resident Lydia Loy-Santelli, Chili Bowl Workspace resident

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